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The Future of Water Safety is Here

Our innovative product combines inflation technology with a sleek design, making it the ultimate choice for recreational participants and water enthusiasts alike.

The Next Generation of Flotation Devices

By combining style, comfort, and patented safety technology, we have a unique opportunity to bring innovative solutions to water safety around the world. Lifeshirt is equipped with patented technology that provides protection without compromising on style or comfort.

lifeshirt logo

35 patents in 24 countries

lifeshirt logo

Winner of several global product awards

Intelligently Designed for Water Enthusiasts Everywhere

Lifeshirt aims to revolutionize water safety with its inflatable personal flotation device, now Coast Guard Approved, addressing the discomfort and unpopularity of traditional life jackets. Our sleek and comfortable design aims to change the way people approach safety on the water. Investing in Lifeshirt means supporting the launch of this innovative product in 2024. As an investor, you’ll receive equity and enjoy a payout upon the company’s eventual sale*. Join us in reshaping the water safety industry – invest in Lifeshirt, where style meets safety!

Review our Form C for additional company details.

*There is no guarantee that an exit or liquidity event will occur
$1 4900000


$ 200000

Maximum Raise

$ 380000

Target Raise

$ 0 0

Price Per Share

$ 0

Minimum Investment

Use of proceeds: marketing and inventory

lifeshirt logo
fisherman wearing lifeshirt
male wearing inflatable lifeshirt in water

It's Not a Life Jacket,
It's a Lifeshirt®

Invest now to become a shareholder in an award-winning product that aims to save lives.

BONUS OFFER: 50% discount on one Lifeshirt for investments of $2500 or more.

Patented Water-Safety Technology

Global Commitment to Safety

Our vision is to go beyond traditional approaches, focusing on not just improving awareness but also ensuring universal access to Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) that people will genuinely embrace and wear. We aspire to create innovative, comfortable, and stylish PFD solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday life, making water safety a natural and essential part of every individual's experience.

Made with marine-grade fabrics with 50 SPF

black lifeshirt product

Machine washable, fade-resistant, resilient materials

male wearing inflatable lifeshirt

Automatic or manual inflation

blue lifeshirt product

Coast Guard Approved

Awards & Recognition


Where Style Meets Safety

Our commitment is to empower every person with the confidence to enjoy water activities safely, by providing reliable PFDs that are as practical and essential as the clothes we wear.
innovative & experienced

LifeShirt Leadership Team

With over 70 years of combined experience across finance, operations, and marine product development, the Lifeshirt Products, Inc board possesses deep expertise to inform the company’s product strategy and fuel scalable growth. Bert brings strategic financial management critical for stewarding investor funds. Joe lends expertise helping companies optimize complex supply chains and scale production efficiently. And with extensive experience in compliance requirements and product R&D, Christopher provides guidance integral to navigating regulatory frameworks. Altogether their expansive understanding uniquely equips Lifeshirt Products, Inc to successfully bring Lifeshirt to market and meet its growth targets.


Reg CF or Regulation Crowdfunding, allows companies to offer and sell up to $5 million of their securities without having to register the offering with the SEC. Crowdfunding refers to a financing method in which money is raised through soliciting relatively small individual investments or contributions from a large number of people. With Regulation Crowdfunding, the general public now has the opportunity to participate in the early capital raising activities of start-up and early-stage businesses.
Anyone can invest in a Regulation Crowdfunding offering. Because of the risks involved with this type of investing, however, you are limited in how much you can invest during any 12-month period in these transactions. The limitation on how much you can invest depends on your net worth and annual income.
If you are a non-accredited investor, then the limitation on how much you can invest depends on your net worth and annual income. If either your annual income or your net worth is less than $124,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to the greater of either $2,500 or 5% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. If both your annual income and your net worth are equal to or more than $124,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to 10% of annual income or net worth, whichever is greater, but not to exceed $124,000.

An individual will be considered an accredited investor if he or she:

  • earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse or spousal equivalent) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year,
  • has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse or spousal equivalent (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence and any loans secured by the residence (up to the value of the residence)), OR
  • holds certain professional certifications, designations or credentials in good standing, including a Series 765 or 82 license.

Texture Capital Inc. is a FINRA Member broker dealer of record engaged by the issuer to act as onboarding agent for this offering. We will conduct ‘Know Your Customer’ ‘Identification’ and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ due diligence on all investors. In addition, Texture Capital conducts due diligence on the issuer to ensure that the company is a registered business in good standing, and that the principals are not considered Bad Actors. While we have conducted certain limited due diligence at the time of the offering, that due diligence does should not be perceived as an assurance nor as Texture Capital’s approval of the company or an investment therein. Texture Capital’s participation does not represent an offer or solicitation to buy the securities. Texture Capital does not make recommendations regarding asset allocation, investment strategy or with respect to purchase or sale of any specific securities. To help you better understand Texture Capital’s services please consult our Form CRS (Customer Relationship Summary), which may can be found at You may also review our BrokerCheck report on the FINRA website:

Crowdfunding securities offerings are not registered with the SEC and are considered highly speculative. For a full discussion of the Risk Factors please refer to the Offering Memorandum / Form C.
For questions about the investment application and process please contact or call +1 646 979 8558 and select option 9.

Prospective investors with questions about the company or its product or the offering should submit their questions in the Discussion section of the investment website. This is a public forum where valid questions will be displayed for all to view, with responses clearly tagged with who the response is from.


This offering under Regulation Crowdfunding is being conducted through Texture Capital Inc. (“Texture”), a FINRA member broker-dealer. You can review the background of our broker-dealer and our investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck here. Texture Capital Inc. is a member of SIPC and explanatory brochures are available upon request by contacting SIPC at (202) 371-8300. Texture is the Onboarding Agent for this offering and is not an affiliate of nor connected with the Issuer. Texture is NOT placing or selling these securities on behalf of the Issuer. Texture is NOT soliciting this investment nor making any recommendations by collecting, reviewing, and processing your application for investment. Texture conducts Anti-Money Laundering, Identity, and Bad Actor Disqualification reviews of the Issuer and ensures they are a registered business in good standing. Texture should NOT be relied upon to have validated or approved the information provided by the Issuer or the Issuer itself. Texture may direct applicants to specific sections of the Form C to locate information or answers to their inquiry but does not opine or provide guidance on Issuer-related matters.

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